• Over-eating, over-drinking, over-working?  
  • Addicted to sugar and processed foods that are nutritionally dead?
  • Ready to hit "reverse" on unhealthy habits and poor eating choices?  

If yes, here's why The Juice Ritual is the game-changing secret to look and feel your best!

  • You want to look good. 

Let’s face it…when you look your best you feel your best. The Juice Ritual is all about helping you look and feel better every single year. Imagine reversing your trips around the sun! It is possible to look better, more glowing and more vibrant!  

One of the main components of The Juice Ritual is digestive rest. Also referred to as intermittent fasting. Digestive rest is the natural time your body works on healing and restoration. 

Chasing good health through youthful aging is the name of the game.

  • You want to feel good. 

When you’re looking your best, you are feeling you best! It’s all connected to chasing good health. We all fall into unhealthy eating, drinking, and sedentary patterns each month despite having the best intentions. 

The Juice Ritual is an insurance policy that you’ll get back on track with chasing good health each month. It’s a premptive return to craving raw vegetables, daily exercise and health elevating choices. 

It’s really possible to feel better, have more energy, and turn back the clock as we age. Modern aging is myth. There… we said it.

  • You want to do good. 

You know that feeling when everything’s falling into place and you have more “pep in your step”? Well that’s exactly what we mean about doing good.  

For your family, your work, and community. Most importantly, you are doing your best for your health. Is the answer that simple? Yes indeed. We all need a reminder about how good we feel when we are chasing good health. Guess what? The Juice Ritual is your new best friend!

When you LOOK your best, you FEEL your best and guess what? You DO YOUR BEST.  

The Juice Ritual is the healthy practice of a committing to a one-day of digestive rest each month while drinking six, organic vegetable juices to flood your body with nutrients. The best part? Each month we'll do this together as amazing group of people dedicated to elevating our health and wellbeing. Here's why. 

  • It's an easy and convenient way to re-commit to chasing good health. Let's face it, we're either waking up every day chasing good health or waiting or disease.

  • You get an abundance of organic vegetables your body is craving while take resetting your system.

  • You're part of a vibrant wellness community connected to chasing good health.

  • You'll never go too far "off the rails." Each month you'll get right back on track even if you've strayed from the healthy path! We've got your back.

  • Because when you look good, you feel good and you do good. It’s as easy as that!  

"When you do a healthy habit, yes, it's a healthy habit, but if it’s your ritual, you don’t miss it. Then it is important enough to you that you dedicate your heart mind, soul, and every intention you have to keeping it going. "

Founder and CEO, Kimmye Bohannon

Here's what our customers say about The Juice Ritual:

  • I feel light and energetic and back to life. - Erin
  • My skin is clear, bright and vibrant. - Sarah
  • I rarely get sick and haven't seen a doctor in quite sometime. - Julie
  • I do The Juice Ritual each month to keep me on the healthy eating path. I crave more vegetables and fruits. - Kate
  • I love the connection and accountability in the group and the knowledge sharing. - Carlie

"The Juice Ritual from The Weekly Juicery is one of my favorite things to do for my body. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, incorporating The Juice Ritual into my routine has been a game changer. The day after The Juice Ritual I feel like a million bucks! As a busy mom that sometimes feels tired and run down, the day-after feeling is priceless to me! Not only do I feel amazing, but I know I did something great for my body. I am so thankful to The Weekly Juicery team for showing me the "way" to a healthier lifestyle. One of my favorite side effects is the fact that with each month of The Juice Ritual I feel better and better!" 

- Lindsey Bush

"I, like many, was skeptical at first to try The Juice Ritual. Not sure of how it would make me feel, if it was REALLY worth it, and if I would actually be able to drink juice for one day without cheating. I have to admit, after the first month of The Juice Ritual from The Weekly Juicery I fell in LOVE! It was so easy to do and the way I woke up the next morning was priceless. I slept like a baby, like I haven't slept in years, and woke up feeling lean, refreshed, and energized! Not only has The Weekly Juicery made an outstanding program that is so beneficial to our bodies, but they are there to answer questions and support you through the whole thing. I wholeheartedly would recommend The Juice Ritual to anyone. I love incorporating this into my lifestyle each month!"  

-Jenny Mire


If you need to hit the reverse button on your current eating and drinking choices, join us as we chase good health.

You know that all good things are better with friends. That’s why we’re doing this together! 

We’re creating a community of people dedicated to chasing good health. 

Each month we’ll get back to the basics of good health with a day of digestive rest and a juice ritual. You'll flood your body with an abundance of vegetables, vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs for optimal function.

Our Juice Ritual Monthly Program includes:  

  • 6 USDA Certified Organic fresh juices (14.5 ounces each)
  • Insulated tote bag and reusable ice packs (helpful if you’ll be cleansing on the go!)
  • FREE SHIPPING of your juice straight to your doorstep each month (continental US only)
  • Access to 52 Weeks of Chasing Good Health where we deep dive into a wellness practice to elevate your health every single week and give you the accountibility to crush your heath goals!
  • Access to our closed Facebook Group called The Juice Ritual Mastermind to interact and stay connected to our group throughout the month.

Our USDA Certified Organic juices are hand-crafted and cold-pressed with seasonality in mind. Each month you'll we'll switch up your organic, seasonal juices!

This is an example of some of our favorite USDA certified organic juices in The Juice Ritual: 

  • The Lively Lemon: alkaline water, organic lemon, cayenne pepper.  
  • Green Lemonade: organic romaine, organic kale, organic cucumber, organic lemon, and organic ginger.  
  • Inflammation Tonic: organic raw coconut water, alkaline water, organic orange, organic lemon, blue majik algae.  
  • Immunity Tonic: organic raw coconut water, alkaline water, organic lemon, organic turmeric, organic ashwagandha, organic black pepper.  
  • Sweet Beet Punch: organic cucumber, organic romaine, organic carrot, organic beet, organic lemon, organic ginger  
  • Cool Kale Energy: organic beet, organic kale, organic cucumber, organic lemon, and organic ginger. 

Right now is the time to decide that you want to commit to good health today.  

We feel that chasing good health should be a ritual for everyone. We get that it's hard to get your vegetables in each week. It's hard to make time for yourself. The Juice Ritual, makes it easy to commit to good health.  

The Juice Ritual is game-changer for your well-being and vitality. Trust us. 


EMPTY BOTTLE GUARANTEE! If you aren't completely satisfied with your order or don't agree that our juice is the best damn juice you've ever had, send us your empty bottles back and we'll refund you. Simple as that.

CANCELLATIONS: You are signing up for a yearly membership (recurs each month), however, we do realize life happens. If you need to cancel or postpone your order you MUST contact us the before Sunday at 8:00 pm EST of Juice Ritual week or we cannot refund your order. 


I can't wait to chase good health with you!

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